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Get the most out of your podcast by being part of a network of like-minded podcasters working together to cross-promote and help bring more exposure for your podcast...

Whether you already have a podcast or want to start a podcast, the PsychCraft Network can help you grow, scale and monetize. We can also help with the resources you need for podcast production (audio editing, show notes, social media, etc.)

If you are ready to start your podcast or take your current podcast to the next level, we can help you in your growth. Let's start the conversation! Apply today!

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The PsychCraft Network of Podcasts

What is a podcast network?

A podcast network is a collection of podcasts that are produced, distributed or made available to potential sponsors and advertisers through a single entity. They provide a way for podcasts to collaborate and share content through cross-promotion in order to increase listenership.



One of the big advantages of being in a podcast network is the increased exposure through the cross-promotion by members of the network.



Yes a podcast can pay for itself and more! By being part of the network you will have opportunities to attract sponsors and advertisers. Also with the cross-promotions, you can advertise your products and services on other podcasts without the extra cost.



Get exclusive access to affiliate relationships in which you can earn commissions on products and services you cross-promote on your show.



Get help with the tech side of your podcast production: audio editing, show notes, transcripts, SEO, and social media posts



Ongoing support of other podcasters in the network who will meet and provide encouragement and support of your podcast. Our exclusive Circle Community will give you access to other like-minded podcasters.


The PsychCraft Network was started to help podcasters in the fields of psychotherapy, psychology, religion, and practice building get the support they need to grow and promote their podcast.

Through cross-promotion, affiliate relationships, podcast sponsorships and production assistance, the PsychCraft network is here to bring the most exposure possible to your podcast.

Ready to see your podcast grow and be successful?

Why join a podcast network?



Listeners will hear about you and your podcast on other similar podcasts in the network.


Get more opportunities to monetize your podcast through sponsorships, advertisers and affiliate relationships.


Get assistance with podcast production and tech support in getting your podcast found.


Get support and community from like-minded people in similar niches.


Everyone has different goals for having a podcast. So regardless of your "why" we want to help you get the tools and support you need to accomplish your goals.

Whether you are simply trying to get more followers of your podcast or have the podcast "pay for itself" PsychCraft is here to help you in this process. If you want to find sponsors for your podcast or promote your products and services, again, we are here to help with those things.

Also, we offer resources for podcast production services to help you on the backend with show notes, audio editing, transcripts, and social media posts.


Get access to the benefits of being part of the network with support, cross-promotion, affiliate opportunities, sponsorships, and advertisers.



Get the annual membership and save by getting one month free.

Get access to the benefits of being part of the network with support, cross-promotion, affiliate opportunities, sponsorships, and advertisers


Podcast Production Services

Whether you just need a little help or a lot of help with your podcast production, we can help you find the resources you need to outsource all the back end stuff.

From audio editing, creating show notes, to publishing on social media, we can help you with the processes you need to get your podcast published consistently.

From DIY to DFY (done-for-you) we can help you find what you need.

Built for Independent Podcasters

With the PsychCraft Network, you control your podcast and maintain ownership of your podcast and content.

Support through community

The members of the PsychCraft Network collaborate to help each other out. Your growth comes through the power of community.

Opportunity for monetization

Your podcast should bring you an ROI of both your time and money. Through the network, we will work together to find opportunities for you to promote your products and services through cross-promotion.

Also we will help with finding sponsors and advertisers that will pay you to be promoted on your podcast.